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Our kids started summer early this year as our teachers are currently on strike.  And can I be honest?  The first day without school my kids went coo-coo crazy!  Like, seriously, I was ready to pull my hair out at nine am.  Talk about not being prepared for no school and a cold rainy day!  So I loaded them all into the car and drove straight to Michaels.  It was time to stock up on some good ol’ craft supplies!  Let me tell you… it worked like a charm… thank the Lord!  I think that we blew through half a dozen crafts in that first afternoon!  

Painted Birdhouse (1)_thumb[4]

Michaels had these cute little bird houses in the dollar bins.  We were just there earlier this week so if you go now, they should still be there.  Each of the kids chose their own bird house and when we got home they couldn’t wait to paint them!

Painted Birdhouse (3)_thumb

Here is Cam with his signature red color.

Painted Birdhouse (9)_thumb[1]

And no surprise that Isaiah chose green.  We used acrylic paint.  You could add an outdoor sealer for extra durability.

Painted Birdhouse (13)_thumb[1]

Adorable right?!  A true sanity saver too! ha ha  The boys want to give these to Nana for her garden later this week.  I’ll try to remember to post a “finished” project photo and post it to Instagram.  My moms garden is to die for 😉  
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    That’s a nice looking red-painted birdhouse! The colors you chose would really attract the attention of birds to land and feed inside. Also, you stated the acrylic paint would provide more durability because of its added coating. It could most likely withstand any weather condition and still maintain that fresh new look. I will definitely try this out during my free time but in the meantime, I’ll probably look for some other available designs online. Thanks.

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