Patriotic Popsicles Recipe

Patriotic Popsicles Recipe
Are you looking for patriotic ideas?  Today I have teamed up with over one hundred talented bloggers to bring you the ultimate list of red, white and blue inspiration!  Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post for our entire listing.
Patriotic Popsicles RecipeI love celebrating the holidays with fun food.  Being Canadian July 1st, Canada Day, is usually spent down on the waterfront enjoying the festivities and fireworks with our family.  I wanted to include our American friends and family this year by creating these simple and delicious red, white {and blue} popsicles.
Patriotic Popsicles Recipe
There are three healthy, easy ingredients that you will need for this recipe.  Vanilla yogurt, strawberry apple sauce and ripe, fresh perfect blueberries.

Patriotic Popsicles Recipe

Simply layer the yogurt and apple sauce into a popsicle tray, top with blueberries and freeze for a few hours.  For crisp lines in the popsicles, drop in a layer of apple sauce then freeze, drop in a layer of yogurt then freeze, a layer of apple sauce then freeze and so on.  
I created a Canadian version with just red and white and added the blueberries for an American flag theme.  

Patriotic Popsicles Recipe

Patriotic Popsicles Recipe

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