Peppermint Icing and the best kept icing bag secret…

Danger {Cracker Toffee}

One of the classes that I instruct is called Cupcake Creations.  I teach participants a wide variety of beginner cupcake decorating techniques.  And it’s totally fun 😉

Last class a couple of the ladies, who were experienced cake decorators, had a doh! moment when I showed them this icing bag secret.

Danger {Cracker Toffee}

But first, we tested out this Peppermint Icing recipe that I found on Pinterest.
It was a major hit!
Perfect for the holidays.

Danger {Cracker Toffee}

3 cups icing sugar
1/2 cup finely crushed candy canes
1/4 cup butter {room temperature}
3 oz cream cheese {room temperature}
6-8 tsp milk

Combine ingredients in a mixer.  Over mixing will lead to the “pink” icing shown above.  Be sure to finely chop the candy canes so that the pieces fit through the icing tip. Yummy!

Danger {Cracker Toffee}

Now this “icing bag secret” is a technique that I demonstrate in all of my classes. 
It allows you to fill your bag with very little mess.
We place the icing bag in a tall, narrow glass cup and invert the top of the bag over the edges of the glass.
This leaves the bottom of the icing bag wide open in the cup.

Danger {Cracker Toffee}

Then we fill the bag with icing which leaves the edges of the bag, your hands and work surface icing free!
Whoop! Whoop!

Do you have any cupcake decorating tips?

I would love to hear them…

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