Pinspired Recipe ~ Pizza Quesadilla

 Oh my gosh you guys.
These are so, so, so good!
I’ve been testing out a bunch of the recipes on my Pinterest Board, Diet Shmiet
and I have to tell you that I have found quite a few winners!

I have had these quesadillas oh, four days in a row now, I think.
Cummon, pizza toppings sandwiched between two tortillas?!?!? 
Why didn’t I think of that?
Here are the honest to goodness yummiest ingredients.  Mozzerella cheese, flour tortillas, pizza pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, sliced green pepper and tomato sauce.
Throw the goods all together.  Squash with a quesadilla maker {love} or frying pan and enjoy.
Darcy was a bit sceptical {he wanted to make grilled pizzas}.
But after the first bite he became a believer.
So good!
Did I mention that these are really, really good?
Seriously try it!

Orange Marmalade

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