Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Game Board

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Playing Board

My kids were fascinated with two things this fall;  Plants vs Zombies and perler beads.  Plants vs Zombies is a video game and iPad app, all about plants eating zombies and zombies eating plants… awesome right?!  LOL  Anyway they love it so much that we even had a Plants vs Zombies birthday party this year!  One of the boys created this cool perler bead game board that I just had to share with you…

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Playing Board-001

Cam used a large peg board to create the base for his game.  He left beads out in strategic places to make slots for the plants and zombies to fit in so that they could stand up.  This allowed him to create his own 3D Plants vs Zombie game!  The character that could be made are nearly endless.

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Playing Board-002

This is a purple chomper plant that he constructed.  This plant was also the inspiration for his Plants vs Zombies Chomper Halloween costume this year.

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Playing Board-003

He also created a few potatoe bombs.

Plants vs Zombies Perler Bead Zombies-002

And a sunflower plant.  There are dozens of other characters that the boys have since created to add to this game board.  All sorts of Plants vs Zombies figures.  It is so much fun to see kids being totally creative and thinking outside of the box.  So, are your kiddos into perler beads?  What are you creating?

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