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I am so excited to share this simple Play Mat Bag tutorial with you today.
It was originally posted over at The Ribbon Retreat.


So this play mat that turns into a bag is truly the coolest thing!  When my guys started playing with Lego a friend suggested that I lay a sheet down on the floor for them to play on.  I took it one step further to create a mat with a drawstring closure.  When the kids are all done playing we simply pull on the drawstring and all of their toys are caught up into a neat little bag!

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Now my boys know that Lego stays on the mat and they can easily clean them all up themselves. 
No more stepping on tiny pieces of Lego in the dark.  Hooray!
The Ribbon Retreat kindly provided this awesome fabric that I just love.  
It’s so fun and colourful!
Are you ready to create a Play Mat Bag of your very own?  Here we go…
You will need:
1 yard of cotton material
1 yard of chenille material
1.5 yards of ribbon
Sewing machine
Misc. sewing supplies


1. Begin by folding the fabric into quarters.  Now measure 18 inches from the center fold to create an arc. 


2. Cut along the 18 inch measurements, creating a circle of fabric approximately 36 inches in diameter.


3. Repeat this process on the chenille so that you have two 36 inch circles.


4. Next create four button holes on the cotton fabric.  These will be the holes for the drawstring to go through.  Make two holes about 1 inch from the edge of the fabric, 1/2 inch apart.  Repeat this process directly across from the first two on the other side of the fabric.


5. Pin the two pieces of material together, right sides facing.


6. Sew the material together sing a 1/4 inch seam.  Leave a 2-3 inch opening for inverting.  I would recommend sewing with the cotton side down as the chenille may stretch when being pulled through the foot.


7. Invert the circle, iron and top stitch the edge at about 1/4 inch.  Be sure to fold the opening inwards and sew it closed in this process.


8. Sew a line around the bag at about 2 inches, creating a pocket for the drawstring.


9. Cut the fabric out of the holes that you made earlier.


10. Using a safety pin, thread the ribbon through the holes and pocket that you have created around the mat.  Tie the ribbon or sew the ribbon together at when completed.


Fun right!?  
And seriously such a quick and easy project to make!


 This chenille fabric from the Ribbon Retreat is uber soft and fuzzy.  My kids went gaga over it!

Play mat bag (8)

A play mat bag like this would make the perfect baby shower or birthday gift!  Use it to “wrap” a gift in even!  How would you best use a Play Mat Bag?
All opinions are 100% my own.
I was given this fabric to review but was not compensated in any other way.
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