Polar Express Pajamas {from Randi @ Dukes and Duchesses}

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Polar Express Pajamas {from Randi @ Dukes and Duchesses}
Our last guest is Randi from Dukes and Duchesses.  Randi is one talented momma {who also has a set of twinnies}.  She is uber creative and has a TON of fabulous projects on her blog.   I especially love her military sashes and the thought behind them.  Please welcome Randi! 
I’m Randi from Dukes and Duchesses and I’m so happy to be taking part in One for the Boys!

This time of year The Polar Express is pretty popular at my house. My little guy loves it. We even had a fun Polar Express playdate last year.

I decided to make some fun little Polar Express pajamas for Luke to wear during the Christmas season.

I chose fabric that was a bit more updated and fun than just plain navy {Polar Express always makes me think of navy} and I paired it with a bit of red.  I cut standard pajama pieces, following a pattern, and added pieces for cuffs and a pocket.

I sewed the red cuff pieces onto the bottom of each leg piece and then followed the regular pattern directions to finish the basic sewing.

I attached a simple pocket to the back of one leg piece and frayed the bottom of the fabric to symbolize the ripped pocket in the story.

I also sewed the bottom of the pocket with an uneven zig-zag style stitch to give it more of a torn look.

On the inside top of the pocket, I stitched a small loop that can hold a detachable bell.

The cuffs were folded in half and turned inside, then stitched in the ditch so the stitching doesn’t show from the outside.

A silver bell {found at most craft stores this time of year} was slipped onto a ribbon, sewn at one end, and attached with velcro at the other end. 

The bell can be slipped through the pocket loop during playtime but removed at bedtime.

My little guy loves his Polar Express pajamas and can’t wait to wear them to Polar Express day at school {kindergarten is so awesome!}.

“Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe.”  The Polar Express

Wishing you a season of jingling bells and boy-style fun!

How cute are those?!?!  I love the bell detail!!  Thanks for sharing Randi!  Please stop by Dukes and Duchesses to say hi sometime!
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