Polymer Clay Flower Hair Pins and a Whole Port Review

Flower Hair Pins

As a child I used to play with Polymer Clay all the time.  
You may have heard of Fimo or Sculpey?  That’s polymer clay.  
I remember when I was younger we would create elaborate creatures with clay and film our own shows. 
Polymer Clay is very versatile, comes in a ton of colours and bakes hard.  It can be used for much more than just creating beads or jewellery.


Whole Port sent me this colourful package of clay to review as well as a silicone mold and bobby pins.  The clay is very workable and softens as you play with it.  I love the colour selection and can’t wait to create more projects.  

It is easy to blend the colours of clay.  It is important to know that once it has been baked in the oven, it hardens like plastic.  So blend colours, attach clay parts and form holes before baking. 


This silicone mold was fun to test out.  It was actually much easier to use than I expected.  Just squish the clay into the mold, refrigerate or freeze for 5-10 minutes {allowing the clay to harden} and pop the clay out.  Finally bake the polymer clay flower as directed {usually at 225 for 30 minutes depending on the size of your project}.  I then used crazy glue to stick the flower to the bobby bin.  
Whole Port has a really large selection of molds for both clay and chocolate AND a ton of other crafting supplies for jewellery making and baking.

Here’s a quick {hopefully helpful} video on how to use the silicone mold with polymer clay.  
Not too dorky I hope?!


They turned out super cute!  

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