Pumpkin Magnet Craft


Pumpkin Magnet Craft

It’s nearly October and we are starting to focus on all things Fall!  I am helping to coordinate our annual Fall Fair at the boys school and couldn’t be more excited!  We host a family BBQ and plan a ton of fun games for kids of all ages.  There will be bouncy castles, a cake walk, ghost bowling, pumpkin golf and apple bobbing to name a few.  This Pumpkin Magnet Craft would be the perfect addition to any of your fall or Halloween celebrations!

Snap Lid Pumpkin Magnet

My favorite kinds of projects are ones where most of the supplies can be found around the house.  These can easy be purchased at Walmart in a jiffy too.


snap lid

orange acrylic paint

paint brush

green felt

googlie eyes

black paper



white glue

Snap Lid Pumpkin Magnet-001

Step 1: paint the snap lid orange.  Cut a pumpkin mouth out of the black paper.  Cut a stem from the green felt.

Snap Lid Pumpkin Magnet-003

Step 2: glue the various pumpkin parts onto the snap lid.  Glue a magnet to the back.

Snap Lid Pumpkin Magnet-006

Simply cute right?!  The boys loved creating a variety of snap lid pumpkins to decorate our fridge with.  They would make cute party favors or teachers gifts too!


Thanks for swinging by!  Happy fall y’all.


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