R2D2 Shoes Tutorial

 We love Star Wars around here.  So anytime that we can combine our love with something to wear it is a no brainer!  Perfect shoes for the Star Wars geek.
Originally shared at Seven Thirty Three Blog.

Here’s how you can showcase your geekery too..

Start with a plain pair of runners.  These ones can be found at Old Navy for $10.  I chose to use blue shoes rather than white {the base colour of R2D2} because… well… I am a mom of boys.  Giving boys white shoes to wear is beyond silly. *wink*

Next sketch an R2D2 design onto each shoe using an erasable fabric marker or piece of chalk.

Now paint in the background of the image with light grey acrylic paint.  You may choose to add a fabric paint medium to the acrylic paint but I find that it is not necessary.

Add details in dark grey, red, blue and outline the image with black three dimensional fabric paint.  Allow to dry completely for at least 24 hours before wearing.

Pure Star Wars geekery right there peeps!  In a quick shoe DIY… I seriously need to make a pair or two for myself.  Oh and you should totally check out our epic DIY Darth Vader shoes too!

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