Rainbow Cake Pops

I have never made cake balls before.  I’ve always cheated and used doughnut holes {just poke a stick in ’em and cover them with chocolate}.  But I couldn’t let our rainbow cake tops go to waste so I gave it a shot.

Conclusion ~ way harder than it looks!

I didn’t follow any cake pop instructions or a recipe {which would have been advisable}.  I simply used the tops that I had cut off of these cakes…
and added icing until my mixture was easy to form into balls.
I whipped up a bunch of balls and figured that I should put them in the freezer to toughen up.

After some time in the freezer I stuck lollipop sticks into each ball.
And coated them in white and milk chocolate.  I had a problem though, the cake balls we’re so heavy that they were falling apart when I tried to lift them upright to dry.
So I plopped them, cake side down, onto wax paper to dry.  Once dry they held up pretty well, I just didn’t get that nice rounded look.  Next time I will try less icing and cake that is more frozen or… maybe checking out a recipe?!?  lol

However you make them, Cake Pops are always a hit!

Thanks for reading.
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