Rainbow Party

We threw a Rainbow Party for the little miss this past weekend.  And seriously what a pleasure it was to celebrate with her.  She had sparkles in her eyes the entire weekend and was excited about every little aspect of her birthday. 

Rainbow Party
 We hung streamers and paper lanterns from the ceiling.  It was the little things that the little miss really enjoyed.  She loved crashing through streamers hung on her door {like we did here for the boys’ birthday}.
Rainbow Party
 Leis hung from the banister for party guests.
Rainbow Party
The buffet table was filled with goodies and snacks that coordinated with our Rainbow theme.
Rainbow Party
 Rainbow vegetables.
I made little picks using the rainbow image that the little miss had drawn for her invitation.
Rainbow Party
 Rainbow fruit.
I tried to follow roygbiv ~ red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
Rainbow Party
Rainbow Gumballs
We’re a huge hit ~ who knew?
Rainbow Party
 Giant Rainbow Lollipops
We’re a steal at Dollar Tree!
Rainbow Party
 Rainbow Ice Cubes
Rainbow Party
 And finally our Rainbow Cakes.
I’m not too sure what to call these as they were made with rainbow
tie dye cake batter, baked in tin cans, layered with icing, covered
 in fondant and embellished with rainbow stars.
Rainbow Tie Dye Tin Can Cakes perhaps?
Eight cakes for an eight year old little girl.
Rainbow Party
 Cool right?
I’ll be posting the how to tomorrow.
Rainbow Party

Goodie Bags full of all sorts of girlie things.
Thanks for reading.
I’ll be linking to these parties.
Have a rainbowrific day!

Rainbow Party

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  1. Laura @ digiartcafe.com says

    Heather, you are so creative! I love all these ideas, especially the rainbow ice cubes. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower and I’d love to have you follow me too!


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