Rainbow Tie Dye Tin Can Cakes

 The little miss just celebrated her 8th Birthday with a Rainbow Themed party.  I wanted to create a really fun, coordinating cake.  The layered rainbow cakes that you can find everywhere are gorgeous…but I decided to do a little experimenting instead.
Here’s how you can make a Rainbow Tie Dye Cake of your very own:
 Start by preparing your cake batter {I used one box of vanilla cake mix, prepared}.  Then divide it equally into five or six bowls depending on how many colours you want.
 Add small amounts of food colouring to each bowl until you get the colours that you want.  I used pink, yellow, green, blue and purple.
 Now start layering your batter into your cupcake/cake pan.  For cupcakes {as pictured} I used 1/2tsp – 1 tsp of each colour of batter.  For cakes {in tin cans} I used a large cookie scoop of each colour batter {about 1-2 Tbsp}.
So here we have layered red, yellow, green and blue batter.  Add purple batter and bake as directed.
 We did a trial version of mini cupcakes.  They turned out pretty neat.
 I had seen a cake technique using tin cans on pinterest and decided to test it out for our Rainbow Birthday.  I simply layered my batter in the tin cans and baked for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  Here’s how to finish them off:
 Cut the rounded top off of each cake then cut each cake in half.  Layer a filling of your choice between the cake halves.  I used butter cream icing.
 Dirty ice {ha ha I always giggle when I think of ‘dirty icing’.  Is that weird?} each cake.
 Cover each cake in fondant.  I used one package of White Wilton Fondant to cover and embellish my eight cakes.
 Colour fondant, roll and cut out embellishments.  Glue them onto your cake(s) with water.
My finished cakes turned out to be a lovely addition
to a little girls Rainbow Birthday Party.
 I love the surprise on the inside!
 Thank you for stopping by.  You guys rock!
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