RAK Kids ~ Week 3 {Reindeer Notes}

Each week in December I am sharing the exploits of my Random Acts of Kindness Kids.
Random Acts of Kindness {RAK} is a concept that is near and dear to my heart.  I have worked with young children my entire life and one of the teaching tools that I have always used is Random Acts of Kindness.  Primarily children learn about service to others and empathy through fun, interactive tasks.

One of our tasks this week was to “leave kind notes for Daddy all over the house”.  So we created these cute little Reindeer notes {I have a thing for reindeer this year} 😉

First I painted the boys thumbs brown.

Then had them press them onto squares of paper.

I added details and an initial to tell whose was whose.

The boys “wrote” on the back of each note {I drew dashed lines and had them trace them}.

“I {heart} Daddy”
Isaiah is our more artistic boy ~ can you tell which is his?

The boys had fun hiding them all over the house.
This was a really fun activity and would truly be great to do anytime!  Darcy loved it and has each of the notes up on his locker at work.

We also brought gifts to our friends at preschool this week.  I made Marble Mazes using Carlee’s tutorial and had the boys write their initials onto a gift tag.

These were a hit too.  And so easy to make!  Join us on Facebook for daily RAK Kids updates.

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