Raspberry Swirl Oreo Cupcakes

 Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesI have a bit of an obsession with raspberry.  Have you noticed?  
Any kind of raspberry dessert and I AM IN!  Sign me up!
Seriously though, you are gonna love these too! Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesChocolate, Oreo goodness… surrounded by raspberries.
Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesSo basically all I did was add about a 3/4 cup of Oreo baking crumbs to my chocolate cupcake batter. Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesThen I filled each cupcake with raspberry pie filling.   Raspberry Swirl Oreo Cupcakes  And finally I frosted the cupcakes using my 1M tip and a mixture of pie filling and frosting in my icing bag.Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesAmazing right?!?!? Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesTrust me.
They are even better in person.
Raspberry Swirl Oreo CupcakesDo you have any fabulous raspberry recipes?
Share would ya?!


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