Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake

We had the pleasure of welcoming Nicole into the family on the weekend.  She married my Uncle Tom in a lovely ceremony followed by a fabulous reception.  
The happy couple asked me to create a wedding cake for them.
This Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache cake tasted even better than it looked.
I made a three tier, white pound cake.  It was really moist and rich.  
I used apple sauce instead of oil in the recipe.
The entire cake was covered in white butter cream frosting.  I would have liked to use fondant but simply ran out of time and confidence.  I’ve only worked with fondant once.
The flowers were made out of tissue paper.  I cut out four layers for each flower and glued them to toothpicks.  I really like the delicate look that they give the cake.  I poked the flowers into the cake just before the cake was to be served and viewed.
The wedding day turned out to be a scorcher and my icing was actually melting on the way to the hall.  The flowers helped to hide a few of the trouble spots.
 Each layer had a raspberry, white chocolate ganache filling.  It took a bit of experimenting to get the right consistency.  I spread out a layer of raspberry pie filling then topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache.  My chocolate to cream ratio was 250 g white chocolate to 1/2 cup of whipping cream.  I found a great article at the Big Bake Theory {love the blog name} that was super helpful.
 I was happy with this simple, pretty cake.
 And got rave reviews on the taste! Yum.
The gorgeous couple, cutting the cake.
Welcome to the family Aunt Nicole!
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  1. Sky says

    It turned out FAB, Heather! The flowers look perfect 🙂 No doubt you needn’t have lacked confidence- anything you put your hand toward seems to turn out awesome! Glad to see you had a fun vacay too 🙂 We are headed out on a couple of camping trips in the next week or so- sure hope I have time to make some shirts for my own boys like you did awhile back for yours! What’s up for you guys the rest of the summer? 🙂 Have an awesome rest of the week!

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