Reindeer Magnet Craft

Reindeer Magnet Craft

Hello friends!  Have you started any of your holiday crafting yet?  We are in full swing here, complete with twinkly Christmas tree lights, Christmas carols playing and egg nog cookie baking.  The kids made this adorable Reindeer Magnet to hang on the fridge.  Reindeer are my favorite!  And this little guy is super cute, let me show you how to make him…

Reindeer Magnet Craft


snap lid

acrylic paint

googlie eyes

red pom pom

brown pipe cleaner

scrap of brown construction paper

white school glue


Reindeer Magnet Craft

Step 1: paint snap lid brown and let dry.

Step 2: cut ears out of paper.

Step 3: shape antlers out of pipe cleaner.

Step 4: glue reindeer parts onto the lid.

Step 5: glue a magnet to the back of the lid.

Reindeer Magnet Craft

Cute hey?!!  He’s probably my favorite snap lid craft to date.  I love that we are recycling these old snap lids of mine from canning.  What else would you do with them?

Reindeer Magnet Craft

Simply adorable right?!  I hope that you have fun crafting with your little ones.

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