Ritz and Reese’s Smores

Ritz and Reese’s Smores

So when we were camping last week… THIS happened.  That’s right, we discovered the most delicious sweet and salty s’more ever!  We love experimenting with new marshmallow treats while camping.  Like these Mint Smoreos and Golden Coconut Smoreos.  But these Ritz and Reese’s Smores were truly decadent and a must try!

Ritz and Reese’s Smores

We loved the melty goodness that was Reese’s peanut butter cup squashed with marshmallow between two Ritz crackers.

Ritz and Reese’s Smores

The delicious ingredients:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Ritz crackers


Ritz and Reese’s Smores

I am a patient roaster.  The best marshmallows, in my opinion, are ones that have been painstakingly held over the coals of a wood fire.  Rotated gently and left to warm until the insides are all melted and the outside is toasted and golden.  It’s a skill that not all campers have.  Take Darcy, my husband, for example.  It never fails that his marshmallow looks more like a blackened charcoal.  To each their own I guess *wink*.

Ritz and Reese’s Smores Have you tried these S’mores??  Have nay new combos that we should try?  How do you like YOUR marshmallows?!

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