Ruffle Corduroy Pillow

Hey peeps! 
How’s it going?   I’m a gooder…  Good.  Great. Good on ya.
We’re friends right?  Let’s be honest.  How’s it really going?  Busy.  Busier.  Little Miss Busy Body.
I’m seriously considering changing my middle name to busy.  And I know it’s not just me. 
So on this TGIF let’s Carpe some Diem.  Seize the Day.  Enjoy Life.  Put our projects down and give our loved ones a BIG ol’ smackeroo.  I’m just sayin’.  We deserve it. 
So here’s a quickie project that I completed last week.  A fabulously functional corduroy pillow to go with my SILs window seat cushions.  I used the same ruffling technique from my tutorial here and applied it to my pillow in a rosette shape.  Not too shabby hey?
Details… details.
Hugs and kisses and thanks for visiting!
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