Ruffle Pillow Tutorial

Hiya!  I am really excited to share this pillow tutorial with you. 
It’s not very often that I get to work in shades of pink.  So lets get all girlie…

This pillow is for a special little girl {my niece Ava} to coordinate with her window seat.  I am this close to showing you the window seat covers I made for my sister – in – law.  But it will have to wait until I can visit them in Vancouver and take photos.  My sewing room shots just don’t do them justice.  Stay tuned.  I promise to share! 

These are the fabrics I chose for my pillow.  The bottom one is the fabric I used for Ava’s window seat.  I got 20cm {about 8″ I think} of each patterned fabric.
*disclaimer ~ I am so not a professional seamstress but here’s how I did it:

I cut all of my fabric into 1″ strips.  My pillow was 16″ across so I cut my strips to 24″ lengths.
Then I stitched along the centre of each one, using the loosest setting {and stitch} on my sewing machine.
Then I grabbed the top thread and pulled until I got my desired ruffle.
I taped the ends of my thread so that they didn’t move around.
Here’s my pile of ruffles after some serious TV watching.
After ruffling 20 strips, I pinned them into place.

Here they are all pinned. 
Then I did a straight stitch down the centre of each strip and sewed my pillow together.

Isn’t it pretty?
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