Ruffle Pillow Tutorial

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I am the lone girl in our house full of boys.  Every once in awhile I like to sneak a ruffle or two into our decor.  Here’s how you can too…
Ruffle Pillow Tutorial
1. Cut scraps of cotton material into 1″ strips and sew a straight stitch {using your loosest setting} right down the middle.
2. Then pull on the bottom thread to create a ruffle.
3. Tape off the ends of your ruffles to hold the thread in place while you work with the rest.
4. Play with your ruffle placement.
5. Pin all of your ruffles to your pillow front.
6. Then sew them onto your pillow {be sure to switch your sewing machine back to your normal setting}.
7. Come up with a clever way to disguise your ruffled pillow in a house full of boys…. ah ha!  Seaweed!
A perfect pillow for a little boys Pirate Room.  Oooo I made the reverse applique Pirate Skull Pillow too, but that’s a tutorial for another day! 
Thanks for checking it out!
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