Scrambled French Toast

Scrambled French Toast
I try to make a hot breakfast at least once a week.  You know; waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon.
So when I saw this Scrambled French Toast idea from Tara at the Trendy Treehouse I knew that we had to try it too.  Her little man suggested it {how cute is that?!} and you can find Tara’s version here.
I started by mixing up the coating for our French Toast… 
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
I tore 6 slices of brown bread {whole wheat bread} into 1 inch pieces.  Then I soaked the pieces in our mixture and fried them up with some butter in our skillet.
This was a great alternative to regular French Toast.  It was faster because I didn’t have to stand by the stove flipping bread.  Scrambled French Toast was easier because it all went into one pan and was already cut up when served to the preschoolers.  And everyone gave it rave reviews and a “you can make that again” from the hubs.

Y. U. M. right?!?!  
Be sure to stop by the Trendy Treehouse to say hi!  
Tara has a yummy looking Scrambled Pancakes recipe over there too! 😉

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