Scrap Rosette Wreath ~ a tutorial

I love, love, love this wreath!  
I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.
This lovely wreath is made up of scraps of fabric, lots of hot glue and an old bamboo wreath form.
It is composed of nearly 40, hand rolled fabric rosettes.  
Here is how to make your own…
Select scraps of fabric that are at least 2 inches wide by 18 inches long.  I used scraps from my Yoga Mat Bags, Shirred Summer Dresses and Camping T-shirts.
Start by knotting one end of the fabric scrap.
Twist and roll the fabric around the knot, using a hot glue gun to glue as you go.
Continue to twist and roll the fabric around itself until a rosette is formed.  Create as many as you would like and hot glue gun them to a wreath form {old pool noodles make great forms}.
I love the pop of purple and green!
It’s fun to create something beautiful that greats each guest that comes to your door.
As soon as my potted annuals fill out I will show you the whole front entrance.  
Thanks for reading.
Have an awesome day!
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