Seafarer Crochet Blanket #projectcrochet

Seafarer Crochet Blanket (1)

This crochet Seafarer Blanket is one that I finally completed as part of #projectcrochet in February.  I was short about four inches of stitches in one of my yarn colors so I had to wait for more yarn to come into stock before ordering the color that I needed.  Whoops!  I used this gorgeous pattern from Michaels as my inspiration.  

Seafarer Crochet Blanket (2)

This is a great beginner project!  I used bulky yarn and a large hook so that the blanket would work up faster.  If you have enough yarn {hee hee} you could certainly make this in less than a month!  It would look good in all sorts of colors.  Even as a scrap buster to use up those scraps of yarn lying around.

Seafarer Crochet Blanket (4)

The pattern calls for double crochet and a back loop crochet stitch.  If you need a crochet refresher be sure to check out my Learn To Crochet series where I guide you through some of these basic stitches, step-by-step.  You can totally do this!!

Seafarer Crochet Blanket (5)

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