Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath

Sewing – Spring Rag WreathIs this not the cutest thing?!?!?
I’m already planning on creating one of these for every season!

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath Our entrance where C’s wondering what on earth I’m doing! LOL
Check out how I created this project:

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath I scavenged through my seasonal decor for this fall wreath which
happened to be a duplicate.Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath Luckily most of the parts twisted off. YAY!

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath My naked wreath. Needs some dressing up hey?!

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath Some scrap fabric that I cut into 1 1/2″ x 12″ strips. I opened my sewing bin and these were resting right on top – score!

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath I simply tied my 12″ strips around my wreath base then trimmed the ends.

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath Details… details…

Sewing – Spring Rag Wreath You guys HAVE GOT TO try this one! So quick and easy! I completed this in
about an hour while on the deck watching the boys play in the backyard!

Be sure to check out Lindsay’s tutorial at the Cottage Home. Her rag wreath is gorgeous! Lindsay, thank you for sharing this project with us!

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  1. Kelli @ RTSM says

    I love the colors you use! I made a similar wreath for spring this year with lots of pastel gingham. I want to make one for summer with a checkerboard picnic fabric:)

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