Sewing ~ Superhero Capes

Hi everyone! 
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Making the boys Superhero Capes has been on the top of my To Do list for awhile now.  After I finally made them they were on the top of my To Post list and just kept getting bumped by all of the fabulous things going on!  So finally here they are:
I personalized their capes with monogrammed Superman Symbols
{that’s Cameron walking with my husband Darcy ~ cute hey?}
I took the boys into Fabricland with me one day {only out of necessity, no sane person would do this with three year old twin boys if they had a choice} and the nice lady at the cutting table kept them distracted by pointing out the fun Thomas and Superman prints.  Of course we couldn’t leave the store without them.
Cameron chose Thomas. 
Isaiah chose Superman.
What theme do they want for their Birthday this year?  Thomas / Superhero. Interesting.
We have this shiney garden ball/ornament that the boys like to roll around on the grass outside.  They also like to gaze at their superhero reflection in it.  It’s a multi purpose thing.

Anyway thanks for reading.  You guys rock!  Have a great day!

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