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I have been on a quest to redecorate our living space and one of the biggest tips that I have taken to heart is to “shop your house”.  What does this mean?  Rearrange your existing space, move knick knacks around, pair items in your home in new and different ways.  Sometimes our decor gets stuck in a time warp and doesn’t change for months on end.  You too can shake up your decor and shop your house…

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I have a confession.  My house looks like a bit of a disaster right now as I have been rearranging things and have a variety of projects in the works.  I am so very thankful for a supportive husband, seriously.  Love you hun!  lol  We are fortunate that most of the decor in our home is neutral in tone, texture and colour.  I am able to move things around into different groupings with relative ease.  I also have a closet that I use to store seasonal decor and a few of my favorite items.  

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When I am looking to change up our decor I usually pull everything out and onto our kitchen island.  Then I rearrange, rearrange, rearrange until I find groupings and pairings that I like.  One of my challenges this season is that we just purchased a large Mid Century Modern Danish Antique shelving unit.  I love it but have never before had so much space to decorate!  Above we have a grouping of things that I shopped the house for.  An old picture frame, vase that I filled with a plant and pine needle basket that I made in high school.

Decorating with things around the house (4)

I have been searching for white pieces to fill the shelving with and just painted this old frame with white acrylic paint to make it fit in.

Decorating with things around the house (5)

This is another piece that I have used in various displays and will be adding to our new shelving unit.  Cool right?!  Even after shopping the house I still have a lot of space to fill so I have been have a ton of fun scouting out local antique and thrift stores.  I will be sharing many, many more fun tips and epic “picking” experiences soon.
Thanks so much for reading!
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