Shorts Week ~ Scrappy Shorts Tutorial from Kenda’s Crafts

Hello!  I’m excited to be a part of Heather’s 
One for the Boys ~ Shorts Week.  
My name is Kenda and I blog over at Kenda’s Crafts.  
I am a mom of two boys; Little Man is 3-years-old and Mini Man is 3-months-old.  I blog about quilts, toys, and clothes that I sew for my kids.  My newest love is making matching outfits for my boys.  I have dreams of the whole family wearing clothing made out of drapes and singing My Favorite Things like the Von Trapps.  

Today I’m going to show you how to make shorts out of scraps.  I always have an abundance of scraps and this a good project to get rid of them.  I used the Little Heartbreaker pattern from the Sewing for Boys book.  This method will work for any pants or shorts pattern, however.
1.  To make these shorts you will first need some scraps.  I used denim scraps for these shorts, but anything will do.  I would just try to make sure the fabric is the same weight.  For example I wouldn’t use t-shirt scraps along with denim because the denim would be too heavy and I don’t think the shorts would hang right.

  I have kept about every pair of jeans I or my husband has had since the beginning of time, so scraps aren’t a problem for me.  Why do I keep all this denim?  Good question.  The word ‘hoarder’ comes to mind.
2.  Cut out the smaller pieces of the pattern from larger scraps.  The waist band, especially, should be out of one scrap to reduce bulk.  
3. Lay out the larger pattern pieces and start to lay out scraps to cover the pattern piece.  Try to make sure the grain of all the scraps goes in the same direction.  I can never remember the correct terms (straight grain, cross grain), but I do remember which way the stretch goes.  When making pants (or shirts for that matter) you want the stretch to go around the curves (thighs).  The fabric should stretch  more in one direction than the other.  The direction that stretches should go around the legs.  Check out your clothing to see what I mean.  I usually have to look at a pair of pants every time I start cutting out pattern pieces to make sure I’m cutting in the right direction.
4. Once you have your scraps planned out, serge or finish the edges that will be on the inside of the pants.  I left the edges that will be on the outside raw.  I wanted the frayed look on the outside of the pants.  I didn’t want the inside to fray (I didn’t think that would be very comfortable).
5. Start sewing the scraps together.  Make sure you use a denim needle on your machine.  I forgot to do this.  Do as I say, not as I do.  I sewed the scraps by overlapping the pieces and sewing.  Because I kept the edges raw I doubled the stitches so that they wouldn’t come apart from fraying.  You are also more than welcome to stitch the scraps together using normal seams.
6. After all the scraps are sewed together cut out your pattern piece.

7. FLIP PATTERN PIECE then repeat with scrap piecing.  I forgot to do flip the pattern piece and ended up with two pattern pieces facing the same way.  It took me a minute to realize that I wouldn’t be able to sew the back center seam when I can’t put the right sides together.  Again, do as I say, not as I do.  
8. Sew the shorts together according to the pattern.  
9. This step is optional: the next thing I did was throw the shorts in some dye.  I wasn’t thrilled with how they looked after I finished.  Something about the bleached denim in the front and the pleats were just screaming old-man pants to me.  This could be eliminated by doing a better job of planning out the scrap placement.  I dyed them in the Denim Blue Rit Dye.  The dye darkened the front slightly.

10. After dyeing, throw the shorts in the wash to fluff up the raw edges.  

11. Embellish as desired.  I added a patch to the front of the shorts; this is also optional.  The patch was my dad’s.  He recently gave me an assortment of patches he accumulated in the 80’s when he was a soccer referee.  
12.  Last step: put them on a kid and enjoy!

Thanks for having me, Heather!

Please stop by Kenda’s Crafts any time and say hi!

Shorts Week ~ Scrappy Shorts Tutorial from Kenda’s Crafts

I love the scrappy look of these shorts!  Just think of all of the scrap fabric possibilities!!!
Thanks for sharing Kenda!
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