Shorts Week ~ the Swallowtail Shorts

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One for the Boys ~ Shorts Week!  
We have all sorts of fun short ideas for you this week so be sure to follow along.
I’m kicking off Shorts Week with these Swallowtail Shorts that I made for the boys.
I found this fun print at our local fabric store for $5 a metre and knew that I could find something cool to do with it.
So I followed the same process as my Anywhere Shorts and created these long, Bermuda style shorts.  I used a larger 1 inch elastic at the waist band and created a flat front by attaching the elastic to the side seams of the shorts rather than having it go all the way around.
I love the bright fabric!  One of the things that I have learned while working with large groups of kids is this:  when on field trips, dress everyone alike, in matching t-shirts or hats.  This makes your group of kids easier to spot and account for.  Even though I only have to keep track of two little ones on most days, I still use this method.  One bright yellow pair of shorts, two bright yellow pairs of shorts… got them both!  And even when I do loose one of them {which only happened once I swear!} I just tell people to look for the exact same kid / outfit.  Awesome right?!? LOL
I had no idea what to call these shorts until we had our impromptu photo shoot at the water park.  Halfway through the shoot this Swallowtail Butterfly decided to join us.  Hey!  It matches our shorts!  
Simply beautiful. 
Lately, between the water and the sand and the grass, my guys go through a couple of pairs of shorts a day.
So the more the merrier!  And yes, I have a billion photos.  We were having fun!

You can find the tutorial for our matching cuff here.  
I hope that you will stop by again tomorrow for more of…

Shorts Week ~ the Swallowtail Shorts

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