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Moustaches seem to be all the rage {or maybe it’s just Movember fever?}
DIY silly moustaches are the perfect gift for the little boy in your life who a. likes to dress up b. wants to be just like Daddy or c. has a strange obsession with Mario.
Crochet Moustache Coffee Cozy

These are really fun and quick to make ~ you could even involve the kids!
All you need is some polymer clay and a toothpick {or some other pointy thing}.
Let’s build a Mario {think Supermario Brothers} moustache…

Start with two balls of clay that are the same size.

Flatten and shape both balls into a teardrop with a bit of a curl.

Stick the two shapes together in the center and use the pointy tool to make lines on the moustache.  Poke a hole in the bottom {for a skewer to go later} and bake according to the directions on the package of clay.
Now lets try a handlebar moustache…

Start with a ball of clay and roll it into a long snake shape.  It should be larger in the center and taper out at the ends.

Roll the ends in towards the center.

Now push the center up and create an indent in the center with your pointy tool.  Poke a hole in the moustache {for a skewer} and bake as directed.

Experiment with the clay and you can create all sorts of fun moustaches that are different shapes and sizes!  Use a bamboo skewer to hold the moustache props.


 Fun right?!
These are going into the boys stockings!
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Crochet Moustache Coffee Cozy

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