Simple Painted T-shirts


Okay this was seriously the easiest craft that the boys and I have done.  The easiest t-shirt for sure.  I picked up a couple of t-shirts at Michaels and we got to work the very next day.

Paint and a red t-shirt for Cameron.  I gave each of the boys a complimentary colour pallet.  Make sure to put a piece of paper inside of the shirt so that the paint doesn’t soak into the back of the shirt.  I used long strips of  painters tape and taped the t-shirts right to the table.

Paint and a blue t-shirt for Isaiah.

Cameron slapped the paint on and after applying a little colour was happy to go back to playing lego.

Isaiah applied the paint with care and precision.  He “coloured in the lines” and spent a lot of time on his t-shirt.


We peeled the tape off and revealed our simple, fun creations.
I love everything about this idea {and so did Isaiah}.
It is truly something that everyone can do with their kids.
Thanks for swinging by!

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