Simple Reversible Skirt

 Simple Reversible Skirt Okay, I have to tell you.  It’s a good thing that I have twin boys, otherwise I don’t think that I would ever put the sewing machine down.  There are just too many absolutely adorable things to make for little girls!!  And these Simple Reversible Skirts are no exception.Simple Reversible Skirt
After making these Ruffle Dresses for my niece and the little miss, I thought “how hard can a skirt really be?”  Super simple!  So simple I figured that I could make them reversible and get two great looks out of one skirt!
Simple Reversible SkirtThere a ton of great skirt tutorials out there so I haven’t created a complete tutorial but here’s my quick how-to sketch.  Easy peasy right?!?Simple Reversible Skirt   One in purple.Simple Reversible SkirtOne in pink.Simple Reversible SkirtSimple Reversible SkirtBoth with coordinating fabric on the flip side.Simple Reversible SkirtI see a lot more sewing in my future! 
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  1. Sky says

    I seriously hear you on the boys and not stepping away from the sewing machine otherwise! I would love to whip some of these up for my nieces- good thing I have them to get my girly on on occassion! 🙂 I’ve missed out not stopping by in a little bit- you have tons of great posts lately! Sure hope life is good for you- I hadn’t realized your little miss was temporary for some reason- best wishes in re-settling your home and family 🙂 Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Becca Nelson says

    Super, super cute. I’m going to attempt to make some skirts for my 2 year old this year and I’m going to have to steal your idea for making them reversible! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. mageb says

    Sorry for you. You must learn to sew for those boys. Th first child I had was a boy. I definitely sewed for him. shortss, coverall, trousers, shirts, t shirts, parka coats, . Any thing and everthing he needed. Just search and learn to sew for the twin boys. They will love you for it. So will your hubby. They must feel bad because you sew for girls and wish you had girls. Shame on you.

  4. AnitaH says

    Heather your skirts are awesome!!
    To Mageb, you’ve obviously been on Heathers blog before as you would have seen she does tons of stuff for them. You’re obviously jealous of her talent. Do your research before posting a comment like that and your boy will love you for not being so judgemental.

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