Six Sandwich Free Bento Lunches

If you are looking for bento inspiration then look no further!
I have been sharing our bento lunches every Monday but if you missed it here is a quick wrap up of some of our lunch ideas.  These containers are my favorite!  They can be found online at Easy Lunch Boxes.  The rest of the bento accessories pictured are from Wholeport.
Six Sandwich Free Bento Lunches
Lunch ideas:
hard boiled egg
shredded mozzarella cheese
diced cheddar cheese
baby bell cheese
cheese strings
diced ham
leftover chicken
leftover roast beef
ham and tortilla roll ups
cheese bun
pizza bun
breton mini crackers
stone wheat crackers
cream cheese
melon balls
ranch dip
barbecue sauce
cereal bar
teddy cookies
chocolate chip banana muffin
Have fun!!

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