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With summer coming to an end, most families are preparing to send their kids back to school.  As a momma with twin boys headed into Grade One this September I don’t know whether I should be jumping for joy or bawling my eyes out.  More than likely I will be doing both as I prepare to send my guys to school after a fun filled summer.
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One of the most challenging back to school tasks that we face may be purchasing a back to school wardrobe for our kids.  They  might have grown out of their old clothes, developed a new sense of style or simply have worn out a beloved pair of jeans {or two}.  Often affordability is the number one priority for parents while style may be at the top of the list for kids. 
So how do we combine the two?  Affordability for parents and style for kids, into looks that our littles will love?
1.     Stretch their wardrobe from summer to fall.
·       Create layers for fall with a new hoodie, while utilizing current wardrobe staples.
·       Upcycle a long sleeve t-shirt by cutting off the sleeves that have become too short.
·       Add fun accessories to current looks.  Hats, scarves, vests, bracelets or necklaces.
·       Upcycle a pair of too short jeans into shorts by cutting the legs off.  Patch kids jeans in a cool way to have them last just a few more months.
2.     Create a budget.
·       Spend money on the essentials.  Purchase high use items that give you the most bang for your buck. Shoes, jackets and hoodies for example.
3.     Add personal do-it-yourself touches.
·       Make a superhero necklace together.
·       Pick up some fabric markers to embellish a plaint-shirt or a pair of shoes.
·       Create a unique, one of a kind look with fabric paint and a freezer paper stencil.
4.     Shop sales in advance.
·       Always plan to shop a few seasons ahead of time. 
·       Sign up for retailer emails and utilize company coupons.
·       Frequently check stores for sales. 
5.     Be thrifty.
·       Buy second hand.  Try to buy items that will compliment other articles of clothing currently in your child’s wardrobe  Pair thrifted items with new and DIY styles for a unique look.
6.     Host a clothing swap party.
·       Invite fellow parents with kids of all ages.  The larger the gathering the more selection each family will have.  Encourage kids to pick out and bring gently used clothing that they no longer wear.  Lay out items like you would see them in a store and have kids “shop” for a few “new” pieces of clothing.
What are some great ways that you save money during back to school?


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