Six Tips to Help Organize Your Life

Feeling a little overwhelmed now that back-to-school is in full swing? Or simply looking for more organization solutions? Are you like me and need a kick in the pants to get started? Well here it is…

My Six Tips to Help Organize Your Life!


Six Tips to Help Organize Your Life

1. Write it down. If you are anything like me then you lay awake in bed at night thinking of the millions of things that need to be done tomorrow. The best way to get things off of your mind is to write them down! Keep a note pad by the bed. Create lists for everything from chores to shopping to custom shop orders or design ideas.
2. Buy a desk top calendar. A BIG one. Write down the schedule for each person in the family and colour code it. Our boys activities are highlighted in blue, my husbands in orange and so on. At a glance you will be able to see what kinds of appointment and events are upcoming. LEAVE IT AT HOME. This gives you an honest opportunity, when someone asks you to commit your time (and if you are a “yes” person like me) to say “I will have to get back to you”. Check your calendar, decide if you can/want to commit and give your response then.  
3. Meal Plan. We don’t always do this but I find that we are much more successful and stress free as a family when we are not rushing around at 5pm, between soccer and bmx, wondering what to eat. I like to take four hours once every two weeks to create freezer crockpot meals. Be sure to check out our Crock Pot Freezer Meal Recipes.  
4. Create an assembly line. Do you have a lot of product to make for upcoming craft fairs or an etsy shop? A ton of lunches to pack? Working in an assembly line will help you to make the most of your time.  If you have thirty cards to make for example; cut all of the card stock, fold all of the card stock, stamp all of the images and so on. Don’t make just one at a time. I do this for school lunches by making a double batch of pizza buns and freezing them for easy packing all month long.
5. Ask for help. Rely on friends and family when they offer to lend a hand. Hire a house cleaner or a seamstress or a friend. I was an independent self starter who had it all together before twins, a Great Dane and a husband with a broken leg entered the picture. I learned to ask for help and quickly!
6. Do one large chore a day. Don’t let all of the household chores add up and become overwhelming. Pick one large chore to tackle each day and write it down on the calendar. Check it off when finished. Vacuuming, washing the floors, cleaning the bathrooms etc. We like to try to do one load of laundry a day as well. So we aren’t buried in dirty clothes at the end of the week. *wink*
How do you stay organized?
Please share your tips with us…
Originally written for the Momma Collective.

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