Skor Cake

This cake should be introduced with the Star Wars theme song.
You know.
da da da duh da da duh da da
de de de deh de de deh de de
Okay so it’s difficult to type a theme song. 
But you get it ~ this recipe is Epic.
Scroll down to the bottom and click on the video.  Scroll back up and read while listening.  Good hey?!
Skor Cake
Like Han Solo battling Storm Troopers…. To. Die For.
Alright enough with the Star Wars analogies.  Here are the goods:
Skor Cake
1 pkg Chocolate Cake Mix {prepared and baked in two 8″ rounds}
1 litre Whipping Cream
1/3 cup Cocoa
3/4 cup White Sugar
4 Skor Bars all crushed up
The recipe is from my sister-in-law via my mother-in-law {I have fab in-laws, I know!}
Skor Cake
Allow your two cake rounds to cool before cutting them each in half.
Skor Cake
Mix whipping cream, sugar and cocoa.  Whip ingredients until they are well incorporated.  Do not over whip ~ we don’t want to butter our cake.
Skor Cake
Fold in crushed Skor bars {reserve 1/2 bar}.
Skor Cake
Now build your cake of epic proportions.  Layer the cake with the whipping cream mixture.  Cover entire cake with whipping cream.  Sprinkle reserved Skor bar on top.  Try {and fail} not to lick the spoon, spatula, mixer and bowl.  Hum theme song.
da da da dah da da dah da da
du du du duh du du duh du du
Skor Cake
Take a step back to admire your masterpiece.
Is this how Darth Vader felt after finally completing the Death Star?
Skor Cake
Now, now, no licking the computer screen.  You’ll just have to go and make your own!
Skor Cake
A five ingredient cake that looks this good?  Priceless!
Now back to our theme song:
Who me?  A lone woman surrounded by a house full of boys? 
How’d you know?
Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!
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  1. Emilee says

    Oh My Gosh! Saw this on Tip Junkie and had to come over and have a look, and boy am I glad i did! I LOVE Skor bars(and cake too) but I also loved the Star Wars references! lol AND…. I’m your newest follower!

  2. Kate @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating says

    This looks deelish!! I’m featuring you on my Flaunt it Friday features, stop by and grab an “I was featured” button if you’d like. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  3. Carley Chapman says

    Have you actually made successful icing following that recipe? I followed yours to a T and it did not making icing, it made soup. I had to use an entire bag of icing sugar to make it somewhat resemble real icing and even now it hardly does. Thanks.

    • Heather Painchaud says

      This cake does not use icing or frosting. The recipe makes a chocolate whipping cream of epic proportions. Use the whipping cream to layer and cover the cake. Perhaps you did not mix the cream for long enough? It should thicken and form peaks. Hope it works for you next time! xo

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