Small Dog Crochet Sweater Pattern

crochet dog sweater patternHello friends!  I am so pleased to introduce you to Thunder!  He is a long haired, four year old chihuahua who has been a huge part of our family this past year.  This is his first time on the blog although you can find him on Instagram often.  After searching for a rescue dog who could act as an emotional support animal for my boys, my sister suggested that we co-parent her dog Thunder!  He has the absolute sweetest, most outgoing personality and is the perfect addition to our home.  My sis and I “share” him although I have to say that he is at my house 90% of the time.  No complaints here, we all love Thunder to bits!

Small Dog Crochet Sweater Pattern

I simply had to create this tiny sweater (and a ton more since) to help keep him warm in the cooler months.  This little sweater can be made larger around or longer without too much hastle!  My little model above weighs only 3.5 pounds and this pattern is specifically sized for him.

Small Dog Crochet Sweater Pattern

Need more width around the chest?  Just create a chain in round 1 that can easily circle around your dogs chest.  So if you have a larger dog, chain 40, wrap the chain around your dogs chest to see if it fits all the way around.  If it does then you are set to follow the pattern using your chain length (40).  Keep adding length to the first chain until it fits around your dogs chest as you want it to (maybe you need a chain of 50?).  Alternatively you can use a measuring tape to measure the dogs chest around and create your first chain to match the length of that measurement.

Need more length?  Repeat round 8 until the desired sweater length is reached.

Round 6 is where holes for legs are created.  If you need larger holes simply add a few more ch stitches in round 6 and skip a few more dc in the previous row.


I used bulky yarn from Red Heart and a 10mm (N) hook for this project.


Round 1: ch 31, ss to join in first ch, ch 3 (30)

Round 2-5: dc 30, ss to join in top of ch, ch 3 (30)

Round 6: dc 2, ch 3, skip 2 dc from previous round, dc 22, ch 3, skip 2 dc from previous round, dc 2, ss to join in top of ch, ch 3 (30)

Round 7: dc 30 (one dc into each ch space from previous round), ss to join in top of ch, ch 3 (30)

Round 8: dc 30, ss to join in top of ch, ch 3 (30)

Round 9: dc decrease, dc 2 around, ss to join in top of ch, ch 3 (25)

Round 10: dc 20, ss to join in top of ch, tie off. (25)

Small Dog Crochet Sweater Pattern

Please let me know if you make one!  I would love to see it…

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