S’more T-shirt Tutorial

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Today I am sharing this awesome S’more T-shirt tutorial with you.  We love camping, the great outdoors and s’mores of course!
So an epic S’more T-shirt was in order for the summer…

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I absolutely love this image {which was inspired by one here} and have used it in the past to create these S’more Smores T-shirts.  But today I wanted to show you how simple and easy it can be to create a DIY Camping T-shirt. You don’t need a cutting machine, a sewing machine or even fabric paints.  Truly!

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Supplies needed:
a clean t-shirt
Tulip fabric markers
Tulip dimensional fabric paint
a clean t-shirt
colored sharpies
a clean t-shirt
acrylic paint 

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Begin by sketching out the image onto paper using a black sharpie {so that the lines are dark}.

Smore tshirt (6)_thumb[1]

 Place the image inside the t-shirt, under the front so that the sketch shows through.  If you have a dark material try laying the t-shirt on top of a light table or taping onto a window to see the image through the material.

Smore tshirt (11)_thumb[1]

 Next paint or colour the background for the images.

Smore tshirt (8)_thumb

Finally add image details and allow the paint to dry before wearing.
Wash inside out on lowest heat settings for best results.

Smore tshirt (14)_thumb[1]

 Easy right?!  And no fancy cutting machines needed *wink*.

Smore tshirt (17)_thumbSmore tshirt (18)_thumb[1]Smore tshirt (25)_thumb

My kids get a giggle every time that they wear their S’more T-shirts!
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