Snap Lid Spider Craft

Snap Lid Spider

We have had an epidemic of Black Widow spiders this year.  They are everywhere; in my niece’s boots, on our garage door and even in a box of apples set aside for apple bobbing at our annual Fall Fair!  Not a fan of these little critters.  But at this time of year all of the creepy crawlies tend to come out for Halloween.  We decided to create a few spiders of our own, friendly ones that we are not afraid to have around the house.  This Snap Lid Spider Craft is both creepy and cute!

Snap Lid Spider

This is a quick craft that uses supplies that you more than likely have in your craft room already.  I love using the snap lids and recycling our old mason jar lids whenever I can!


Snap lid

Elmers 10 Jiggly eyes

Elmers white glue

4 Black pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun

Snap Lid Spider

Step 1:  fold each pipe cleaner in half and create bends for knees and feet.  Use the hot glue gun to glue the legs to the underside of the snap lid.

Snap Lid Spider

Step 2: glue the jiggly eyes to the top of the lid.

Snap Lid Spider

The boys had so much fun creating these snap lid spiders!  We’ve had many conversations about spiders recently.  With the extremely hot and dry summer that we have had there seem to be more spiders around this year.  It’s been fun to pull out our insect identification book and take a look at all of the bugs that the boys have been finding.  Luckily I have a background in interpretation, giving park tours and pond studies to school groups.  So catching insects is always fun for me, having them sneak up on me… not so fun! LOL  Even turning around to find one of these Snap Lid Spiders behind me would be startling!

Snap Lid Spider

This is an easy craft to do with kids of all ages and perfect for Halloween!  You should seriously put it on your “must do” list!

Snap Lid Spider

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