SNAP Recap

SNAP Recap

Hey friends!

I had an absolutely awesome time at SNAP – a conference for creative bloggers – last month!  It was my first time at this conference in Salt Lake City and will not be my last!  If you have ever considered going to a blogging conference then you should totally check out SNAP!  It was so worthwhile and was a great opportunity to meet some of my favorite blogging friends in real life – FINALLY!!

All photos courtesy of Alex Adams Photography.

Prior to SNAP I had attended a number of local conferences and even coordinated social media workshops but none could compare to the immersive quality that is SNAP.  It was chock full of networking opportunities, hands on classes and business workshops.  And the SWAG!  Oh. my. word!  So much goodness all in one place!

SNAP Recap

Since September, when I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I have been much more intentional about blogging.  And after nearly seven years I feel like I can finally call myself a “blogger” – my Facebook profile even says so! *wink* My goal is to create a sustainable income with the blog that will help to supplement our family income.  So SNAP was a great way for me to “check in” and make sure that I was headed in the right direction.

This is Bjork from Pinch of Yum.  I loved his session with Lindsay entitled “Give Yourself a Raise“.  He had tons of great tips that focused on #1 Display Advertising #2 Affiliate Marketing and #3 Products.  Here are some of my notes from that session:

#1 your blog is DIGITAL REAL ESTATE

  • be a good landlord
  • never have an empty rental (ad space)
  • be sure to waterfall ads
  • block crummy ads (videos)
  • viewability is important – location, location, location
  • be sure they don’t affect site speed
  • pinch of yum is moving to the Ad Thrive network


  • you are the “teacher”
  • this is performance based marketing
  • teach about things that you are familiar with
  • ideas: resource page, house tour, gift guide
  • make sure to link images
  • go back to older popular posts and ad affiliate links
  • fix broken links

#3 become an INVENTOR (e product)

  • you are “expert enough”
  • what is the most common question you are asked?  answer that.
  • share your “strongest passion”
  • e book, printables


The Blogger Network now handles all of my ads on the blog and I have been happy with them.  A blog must have a minimum of 80,000 pageviews a month to apply for TBN.  Before that I used Google Adsense and Rivit Media.  I am not very savvy when it comes to Affiliate Marketing but will be trying to add more useful links for you guys soon.  I know that I love hearing about deals or awesome products!  This year I launched two e products!  My Learn to Crochet eBook and Watercolor Printables have been a hit!


SNAP Recap

This is the fabulous Tauni, organizer of SNAP and the gorgeous girls from A Beautiful Mess.  Elsie and Emma were keynote speakers as was Becki from Whippy Cake (who is just as awesome in person).  I jotted down so many great notes from them:

  • create a GIANT post idea list
  • work in BULK
  • find your purpose “Find the Why”
  • people buy “why” you do things
  • people buy into people, especially people they can connect with
  • Becki’s four “E”s to provide value – educate, encourage, engage and entertain
  • “your progress bar is always loading”
  • your time is valuable currency
  • sprinkle kindness like confetti
  • treat people like royalty
  • do things that scare you

SNAP Recap

My absolute favorite session was with the girls from Classy Clutter (remember seeing them on CWTS last year?!) and Desi from the 36th Avenue (who is even more adorable in real life – seriously!).  The topic was Getting Organized.  Here are my notes:

  • Classy Clutter went from 224,000 pageviews/month in 2014 to over 1,000,000 in 2015
  • Use Google Drive (game changer!) to organize all docs – download to iPhone
  • Create a doc for editorial calendar, brands and contacts, passwords, expenses and income, share sheets, growth charts, post urls, blog post ideas ect.
  • Use Hootsuite for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ sharing
  • Join social media share groups

From Desi (who made all of us laugh AND cry)

  • Revamp old posts – make old posts “look hot”
  • FIX BROKEN links
  • Repost / reshare older content – create 700×2000 image – copy & paste, rename all photos, change post title and first paragraph
  • Be sure to have menu bars and icons open in a new page
  • Repost top old posts from 2014
  • BE YOU
  • Facebook is like Walmart (hilarious but true!)
  • Instagram is like Target (pretty things)
  • Pinterest is a hot mess LOL
  • “The only person that you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”
  • “Say yes to your dreams”
  • Be Authentic

I loved the Google Drive suggestion – did you know that you  can download it to your iPad or iPhone and work on documents from there?!  It’s been a total game changer!  I also can’t wait to revamp some of my old posts from the past SIX YEARS! eeep.  And I have over 1000 broken links you guys!  That one hurt… and is going to take a lot of time to fix!  But I am motivated.  I have already chatted with a number of brands as well and have a few campaigns in the works with them which is EXCITING!!  Stay tuned…

There were so many opportunities to network and meet friends who I had only chatted with online.  This was the real highlight for me!  There were too many lovely faces to name them all but there were definitely times where it was like we were long-lost friends and others where I was a total fan girl and star struck.  I mean… I got to go thrifting with Mandi from Vintage Revivals you guys… (and forty other fabulous bloggers LOL).  It was epic….


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    I’m so glad I was able to meet you at SNAP! I finally got around to doing my recap today too. I’m sad I missed BOTH of the sessions you talked about- but the ones I went to were pretty incredible too. I had over 1000 broken links too, I just switched hosting and my account manager had me go in and fix them. I used a broken link checker plugin which made it waaay easier. Most were actually the websites people left in comments so I just unlinked those. Good luck!!

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