Snowman Making Printable

Hello, hello!  I know that winter is almost over but if your kids are going through snow withdrawls like mine are then I have the perfect craft for you!  Today I am sharing this simply adorable winter craft made with my free snowman template and printable glitter paper.  I recently started homeschooling Cam and we used this project as part of his art curriculum.  He loved it and we had so much fun together creating all sorts of snowmen!

Snowman Making Printable


Step One. Download the printable snowman template and print onto Glitter Prints paper.  This paper is really neat because the glitter is built right into the paper and creates a unique, sparkly image when printed on.

Snowman Making Printable

Step Two. Cut the different parts out of the snowman template.  This was the perfect activity for my eight year old to work on his fine motor skills.  He particularly enjoyed adding a mustache to his snowman!

Snowman Making Printable

Step Three. GAther all of the snowman parts.  We cut out three circle shapes from silver glitter paper to use as our snowman body.  I simply traced circles onto the back of the paper and my son cut them out.

Snowman Making Printable

Step Four. Create a snowman! The paper is a really sturdy cardstock so you could even create a little snowman making kit for the kids to use again and again. We glued our assembled snowman parts onto colored cardstock for a more permanent masterpiece.

Snowman Making Printable Snowman Making Printable

Here is my little guy with his finished project.  He was very proud of his snowman and ended up creating an entire snowman family!

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