Spring Mason Jar Holder Tutorial

Hey guys!
Are you wishing for spring as much as I am?
After Christmas, winter is pretty much a bummer imho…  bring on the day light and warm weather!
But hey!  At least we can decorate like its green and pretty outside right?!
This Spring Mason Jar Holder tutorial is an extension of the Winter Mason Jar Holders that we created during my Pinspired Projects class last session.  Registration for our Spring Pinspired Projects class opens tomorrow!


I loved the look and versatility of this project so much that I decided to create a couple of turquoise {of course} jar holders to flank our wreath on the front of our house {photo of that later}.


It looks pretty great inside too.  Here I hung one of the Mason Jar Holders with my Epic Antique Mirrors for a quick photo shoot.
Okay so here’s what you need to do…

Winter Mason Jar Holder (2)

Step 1.  Paint a coat of primer on a six by twelve inch wooden plaque.  This one was found at Michaels.  Drill four holes into the piece of wood.  Two for hanging and two for fastening the jar to the plaque.

Spring Mason Jar Holder (3)

Step 2.  Paint using acrylic paint.  Seriously, turquoise is never going to get old for me… do you think Darcy would notice if I painted the entire house turquoise??


Spring Mason Jar Holder (4)

 Step 3.  Allow the whole thing to dry. 

Spring Mason Jar Holder (8)

Step 4.  Take off some of the acrylic paint with sanding paper.  Sand right down to the wood in some places.



Spring Mason Jar Holder (11)

Step 5.  Use a wood stain to give the holder a distressed finish.  Fill in the areas that were sanded with stain and wipe off using a paper towel.

Spring Mason Jar Holder (14)

 Step 6.  Coat the plaque with a sealer like Varathane.

Spring Mason Jar Holder (16)

Spring Mason Jar Holder (18)

Spring Mason Jar Holder (1)

Step 7.  Use a heavy gauge wire to hang the holder and fasten the mason jar to it.  

Antique Mirrors
I found a wide mouth mason jar to work best.

I love that you can fill these with pretty much anything, for any season!

Flanking our entrance. 
Pretending like it’s spring.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog and dream of spring with me…
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