Spring Wreath and Vintage Window

Happy Spring my friends!  At least I hope that it is feeling like spring where you are.  Around here we are still waiting for the snow to melt.  Waiting, *not very* patiently to pull out the dirt bikes and hit the trails.  Road trips!  Camping!  Soon my friends, soon.  Until then we are celebrating spring on the inside with this pretty spring wreath.

I have been changing up my decor this winter and my entire living space has received a light, bright facelift.  If you haven’t been following the journey on Instagram and Facebook you should!  It’s been so much fun.  I will be posting the updates and redecorated space on the blog as well.  This Spring Wreath is the finishing touch that my entryway needed.

I love the pop of greenery and hints of pink.

My biggest tip when creating wreaths is start at the thrift store!  Often your local second hand store will have wreath forms and artificial greenery.  Everything needed to create my Spring Wreath was found at the thrift store.  The grapevine wreath was $3.99, the artificial plants and greens were maybe $4.99?  For less that ten dollars I created a large seasonal wreath for my space!  Winning.

I pulled apart all of the artificial greenery so that I was left with individual stems.  Then I simply stuck them into the grapevine wreath.  For some of the heavier stems I used hot glue to affix them into place.

I hid a little porceline bird in amongst the greens.  I love how whimsical the different colours and textures make this wreath.

The vintage window was found on a local shop and swap group for about $40.  I have had it for five years and never really knew what to do with it.  Finally this year I took down a dark painting in this space and my friend Holly helped me hang this over the stairs in my entranceway.  It was quite a challenge because we are both short and made a ridiculous picture trying to hang this on the wall far above.  And guess what?  Knowing that I planned on putting a wreath on this window, I hung it WITHOUT first putting a hook on it for wreath hanging!  So using a roll of masking tape, a broom and a 3M hook I macgyvered my way to sticking a hook to hang things from this window.  I just pray it stays up there and I don’t come home one day to wreath bits smattered all over my stairs LOL.

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