Stamped Christms Tree Shirt from Victoria @ Vixen Made

Welcome to
One For The Boys ~ Holiday Edition
If you have been following along then you know that we have been sharing fabulous boy projects and tutorials all month long!
Victoria is a fellow Canadian with twin boys and is sharing an awesome Christmas Tree Shirt with the DIY tree stamp even {why didn’t I think of that?}  She has a ton of fabulous Christmas projects up on her blog already!  Please welcome Victoria!
Hey everyone!
I’m Victoria from vixenMade and I am SO thrilled to be here!
As a mother of twin boys (like our friend Heather), I know what it’s like to find the crafting world lacking in glorious boy projects.  
So a big thank you to her for providing a fun place to showcase projects all boy!

Stamped Christms Tree Shirt from Victoria @ Vixen Made

Anyways, if you haven’t seen my blog, feel free to hop over and say hello.  I love a good refashion or a fun spray painted makeover.  I have a bunch of tutorials, too.  Perfect for your holiday gift list!  Here’s a few favorites.

Home decor projects…

Girl projects (since I have a daughter, too)…

And last year’s boys Christmas shirt…

So today I’ll be showing you this year’s Christmas shirt.
Like I said, I have two boys so this is actually just one of the shirts I made for them.  
But this one is perfect for someone who doesn’t sew and it’s easy it’ll be done in no time!

Here it is.  The stamped Christmas tree shirt.

I wanted to create Christmas shirt that the boys could use even after the holidays and not only that, one that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a Christmas shirt’.  Ha!
Here’s what I did.

First, I created a tree stamp (since I didn’t have one).  I took some craft foam sheets.

Drew my tree on it.

And cut it out.  I realized later I needed it a little thicker.  So I actually cut out two and glued them together.
Then I hot glued them onto a container lid.

And we have a stamp!

Then I used a plain black shirt and white fabric paint.

I slid a piece of scrap cardboard between the layers of the shirt to avoid the ink bleeding through and so I had a flat surface.

I squirted a bit of the paint into a jar lid (you can use a plate or piece of cardboard.. whatever you have on hand).

With a foam brush, I brushed on a layer of the paint onto my stamp.

Try to wipe away any excess of the sides of the stamp so it doesn’t drip onto the shirt.

Place the stamp where you want.  I did one row of trees.  

Then I carefully did another layer over top since the shirt was black and the paint was white.

Let the shirt dry overnight.  
That’s it!

Easy, like I said.

And I like the simplicity.  

Thanks so much for having me, Heather!!  I loved being a part of this.  
Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

Stamped Christms Tree Shirt from Victoria @ Vixen Made
Thanks Victoria!
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Stamped Christms Tree Shirt from Victoria @ Vixen Made
Stamped Christms Tree Shirt from Victoria @ Vixen Made
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