Star Wars Apron SVG Cut File

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My kids and I are admittedly obsessed with Star Wars.  We love to include Star Wars in all. the. things!  Which often means crafting Darth Vader shoes, Star Wars Perler Bead projects, R2D2 skirts, Star Wars costumes, Chewbacca ornaments and Chewbacca cake and Wookie Cookies…. I mean, I could go on and on!  Cam has recently taken a liking to Jurassic Park but he assures me with “Mom, don’t worry, I will always love Star Wars.”  So when I pulled these kids sized aprons out of my craft stash, I knew just what to do with them! 

These Star Wars aprons are far too cute and super easy to make.  Just grab the free SVG cut file and you are good to go!

How to Use Iron On Vinyl:

  • Upload the image you want to cut to the Silhouette Studio software.
  • Use the software to enlarge, edit and flip the image.  Images that are going to be printed onto heat transfer vinyl (HTV) must be flipped so that the text can be cut and ironed onto the fabric facing the correct way.
  • Cut the image out of HTV using the Silhouette Cameo (or similar cutting machine).
  • Weed the excess vinyl from the image using the Silhouette weeding tool.
  • Place the image onto the apron with the sticky carrier sheet facing down.  Double check that your image is facing the right way.
  • Cover the carrier sheet with a large piece of parchment paper or cotton cloth.
  • Press with an iron (I use this Iron from Black & Decker), set to high heat with zero steam, for 15 – 30 seconds.  Move the iron around the image applying firm pressure until it is set.
  • Peel the carrier sheet off and you’re all done!

We created two slogans:  “May the Fork Be With You” and “Bacon Do I Smell?”  Pick your favorite and upload it to the Silhouette Software.

Cut the image onto heat transfer vinyl.

Weed the excess vinyl from the carrier sheet.

Place the design onto the apron and iron it into place.

Cute right?!  Grab the Star Wars images…

Download the Yoda Bacon SVG Cut File.

Download the May the Fork be With You SVG Cut File.

Isaiah has already been busy baking in the kitchen with his Star Wars apron!

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