Star Wars Bento

Star Wars Bento

We absolutely love star wars around here.  Throw in some angry birds and well… you have an awesome birthday party theme!  But that’s a post for another time.

I absolutely adore making lunch time fun for my kids.
My wish is for them to feel a little love every time that they open up their lunch kit to find something special packed by momma.  So what’s better than a little Star Wars Bento?

In today’s lunch we have:
leftover spaghetti {recipe on found here, storm trooper ring from Bento USA}, shredded cheese {reusable silicone container from wholeport}, star fruit leather {star cookie cutter from Michaels}, grape/blueberry skewers {light saber skewers from Bento USA} and broccoli.

Be sure to check in every Monday for more school lunch ideas!

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