Star Wars Gingerbread House

When your kid is obsessed with Star Wars, you make a Star Wars Gingerbread House of course!  I love, love, love this gingerbread house that Cam created this year.  He was determined to use all of the black icing that he could find and turn gingerbread men into gingerbread storm troopers and chewbaccas.  LOL

How darling is this red m&m and silver candy ball detail on this Star Wars Gingerbread House?!  Maybe thats only something a boy mom would say LOL but I am seriously loving it!  I set out a gingerbread decorating station for the boys and I.  While Isaiah and I went the Log Cabin Gingerbread House route, Cam’s creativity astounds me.  Whenever he comes up with something like this it just makes me so excited to watch him grow and mature and be grateful that I get to witness all of the cool things that he is going to do in life.  Momma is heart happy!

The black icing was clearly a bit runny but he made it work for this Chewbacca gingerbread man.

He used this Wilton Cookie Icing from Michaels that I had left over from previous decorating projects.

Cam wanted to highlight the Star Wars logos on his house so this black and white motif was born.

This is a symbol of the Galactic Empire, symbolizing imperial control (the bad guys).

This is a symbol of the Rebel Alliance, it signifies the resistance and freedom fighting (the good guys).

I am a huge advocate for supporting and developing a child’s creativity.  For me, this Star Wars Gingerbread House symbolizes that.  I could have redirected Cam to decorate in a more traditional way but I feel like encouraging this kind of creativity can only benefit him long term.  He is going to grow up and do amazing things with his outside of the box thinking.

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