Star Wars Hand Warmers from Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

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One For The Boys ~ Holiday Edition
Today we have the uber talented Ashley sharing a wonderfully simple Star Wars project!  And if you scroll down you will find that she has also created a Travel Lego Box.  Okay, now I really have to get on that!  Please welcome Ashley…
Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be here for this fun series!
It really is hard to find fun things for boys, I’m not sure why, boys are so much fun! : )
Even if they are a little more work, hehe!

Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts
I’m Ashley, and I blog over at Cherished Bliss.
You will find all kinds of stuff there! I love crafting, sewing, decorating, and I share all that I do with you!
Right now I am doing a fun handmade Whimsical Christmas, I’d love for you to check that out!
But today I’m going to show you how to make some DIY Hand Warmers.
I have seen these all over pinterest. Mostly in heart shapes or fun bright girly colors like these from {V & Co} which are ADORABLE! … but none for a little boy!
Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts
My son has to stand outside before school starts and well… we are from Texas, and this being in Wisconsin thing is quite the climate adjustment.
Although I love love love the cold, let’s face it, hands still get cold right?
So I decided that since boys are a little rough around the edges, so should the item that is warming their hands ; )
So for this super duper easy tutorial, all you will need is:
– Some scrap fabric (any character/superhero)
– Sewing machine
– and some rice
Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts
1. Cut your fabric into little squares (2 for each hand warmer)
2. Sew around the edges, wrong sides together, leaving a small opening to fill with rice (I chose to use a fun little zig zag stitch)
3. Take some paper and roll it into a cone. Fill it with rice giving you enough room to sew it closed.
4. Sew your opening closed
What did I say… easiest thing EVER
If you don’t want the raw edges, sew the fabric right sides together leaving a gap, then turn and fill with rice. Sew your gap closed.
So much fun right?!
My son LOVES these. He really uses them for bean bags, but we’ll see how he feels when it gets really really cold outside! : )
Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts
Here a few other boy projects of mine you can find over on my blog
(just click the picture)
Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts

Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda’s Crafts
If you enjoyed this today, I’d love for you to stop by some time, don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee on your way ; )
I’m social so stop by and say hi sometime!
Have a fantastic day!
Thanks so much for having me Heather!!
Thanks Ashley!
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