Stocking Hangers

May I start by saying, Holy Cow! 
Stocking hangers are hard to find in store.  I mean, really I went just about everywhere and there is a pretty meager selection, let me tell you!  Now granted I was looking for something pretty specific. 
I wanted to play along with Kari at UCreate this month and follow Jennie’s fabulous tutorial for Stocking Hangers.  So I needed just the bottom weight and hook from 5 stocking hangers and I didn’t want to pay a fortune because I would be dismantling them anyway.  Here’s how it played out..

I love the final product!

 So I found these angel stocking hangers at the dollar store for $2/each.  YAY! 
Better than $8-10 everywhere else.
 I took them all apart and actually attempted to paint them with my acrylic craft paint…
the paint just beaded off of the gold finish.  Time for the big guns…
 Primer!  Take that tacky gold paint job!

And a couple of coats of Krylon Burgundy {love} spray paint later….

Five lovely stocking hangers!  I attached dollar store picture frames, that I also painted red, and voila!
Now Santa knows exactly who’s stocking is whose.  Check out my Upcycled Sweater Stockings post for more on these fun stockings!
The boys’ wore Rudolf noses for their pictures.  Cute eh?
I have always struggled having no mantel to decorate and hang stockings from but this ledge between our living room and kitchen seems to do the trick.
You can also check out my Upcycled Sweater Ornament Advent Calendar post for more upcycled goodness.  Thanks for stopping by.

Merry Ho Ho!

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  1. Justine says

    LOVE LOVE this idea! I too have been in stores looking for hangers and the selection is ridiculous!! I have not been able to find any I like. I DO have a mantel and I have never hung our stockings from it due to no hangers, this may solve the problem!! Thanks 🙂

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