Succulent Wall Hanging

Hello my friends!  There is just something about faux succulents that I absolutely love.  Maybe its the fact that I can’t kill them with neglect?!  LOL  I swear it takes a super hardy plant to survive in this house…. or a fake one!  Thats where these faux succulents come in handy.  And how cute are they in this hanging basket?!  I mean, cummon…. let me show you the details of this fun Succulent Wall Hanging today.

I love how this “home” sign and succulent wall hanging add interest and dimension to this little space in my home!

This was a really inexpensive project.  I found the hanging basket at the thrift store and most of the succulents were from my craft stash and purchased at the dollar store.

I simply filled the basket with styrofoam and packed it with faux succulents starting with the largest ones.  Then I filled the space with smaller succulents.  I love the variety of shapes and textures!

Then I literally hung it on the wall with a thumb tack LOL… I don’t recommend this, maybe use a proper nail hanger but I was in a hurry!  Full confession, this “home” sign used to be brown (I think that it started out white then I painted it brown) and I quickly painted it white with acrylic paint.  But I didn’t even bother to paint the edges so I had to get creative with my photography so as not to showcase the still brown edges of this sign… #lazycrafting.

Am I the only one that gets a project to about 90% of completion and then calls it done?  I think that it looks just fine somewhat distressed and hanging from a thumb tack…  don’t you?!  Ha ha!  So tell me, what have you done with faux succulents at your house?  Please share…

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